Upgrade your spreadsheets and experience what it truly means to work smarter, not harder.

Tell me if this sounds familiar to you…

You’re stuck working on low-value repetitive tasks instead of the creative, rewarding work that matters to you.

Trying to keep track of data and information in unorganized spreadsheets? It's costly and time consuming:

  • Poor data management can be a huge pain for your operations.
  • Tracking information in different places is time-consuming, frustrating and leads to poor decision making, team setbacks or worse, losing your job.
  • Lack of integrations means your data is silo'd in different places.

Airtable removes the over-complication of tracking and organizing business data, so you can have a more efficient and harmonious professional life. And the Ultimate Guide to Airtable is the most efficient way to learn Airtable.

Upgrade your spreadsheets and experience what it truly means to work smarter, not harder.

You deserve the freedom to invest more of your time, energy and creativity on your most important work.

Ultimate Guide to Airtable is a course designed for ambitious professionals, Airtable (aspiring) consultants and no-code creators who want to improve the way they work (and play).

What you're thinking...

I already use too many tools

You’ve nailed the problem. You’re using too many tools.

Airtable’s flexibility means it can replace most of the tools you use today. But first you have to understand how your workflow can be managed in Airtable. Each section in this course uses a different use case workflow so as you learn Airtable, you also grasp how different workflows can live in Airtable.

I find Airtable overwhelming and confusing

Using Airtable can be intimidating especially in environments where complex airtable workflows are prevalent.

  • Not sure where to click?
  • Worried about breaking something?

This course will walk you through Airtable so you feel confident adding to an existing workflow in Airtable–without the fear of breaking anything and even creating your own Airtable workflows!

This doesn’t sound like it’s for me?

This course isn’t for everyone!

Are you managing relatively simple workflows? Do you trust the accuracy of all of your workflow’s data? You’ve automated the manual steps in your workflow like notifications, task creation and the like?

Then this course isn’t for you!

A photo of Aron

Hi! I'm Aron

But to many, I'm simply the "Airtable guy". How did I become the Airtable guy? I just love teaching people Airtable!

More precisely though, in 2019, I launched the Essential Guide to Airtable which became the most popular Airtable course with over 10,000 satisfied students. I then joined Airtable's education team from 2020 until late 2022. My face and voice are still in pretty much every Airtable educational video to this day!

I also run Automate All the Things, one of the most popular no-code channels with over 8K subscribers.

The Ultimate Guide to Airtable is my attempt to take all of my Airtable experience so anyone can put it to use to make their lives more efficient.

What they're saying

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Aron explains the basic concepts of Airtable very clearly, showing how to build real-world examples that are easy to grasp. Features are explained with enough information to explain how and when to use them without overwhelming the viewer with too much detail. Each lesson builds upon the previous one and the exercises help to reinforce the learning. Even after a couple of years of using Airtable at a beginner/intermediate level there were features I didn't entirely understand; with this course, I now feel much more confident to tackle more complex bases.

Penny Olorenshaw
Chief Builder
Build Marketing
An image of the reviewer

I loved the course. I love the pacing and how the chapters are chunked. There were a few chapters I think can be extended - maybe part 1, and part 2 like some views, using formulas, for examples. This course is great for those new to Airtable and by the time you are done you will have advanced knowledge. Aron has a way to taking you through the lesson methodically and logically so the it all makes sense and one lesson builds on the next. You may think all courses do that but I've taken enough courses to say Aron is different. I've never once had to stop the video and go back because I missed something or feel like something was skipped. Too often, those that are experts unwittingly skip steps that a novice will catch. This never happens with Aron. This is an excellent course that will get you up to speed in not only using Airtable but understand how to harness the power of this tool in a way that you cannot do with Excel or Google Sheets.

Sabine Morrow
Product Manager and entrepreneur
An image of the reviewer

This course is fantastic. It is truly the most comprehensive Airtable course available! Aron's ability to explain complex topics is outstanding. This course is excellent for beginner Airtable users and even experienced Airtable users like me. Learn how to use Airtable the right way! I highly recommend it.

Mike Cardona
Automation Alchemist
An image of the reviewer

I was having trouble coming up with useful use cases and trying to piece things together on my own while streamlining my workspace flows when each process attempt was a month apart. Aron's course was an immense help in figuring out scalable patterns and connecting data. No more frustration!

Adrien Lexington
Creative Director
An image of the reviewer

This truly is the ULTIMATE guide to Airtable! I'm a huge fan of Aron's teaching style and really enjoyed going through each lesson. If you're looking for a way to level up your workflow building skills, this is it!

Parker Thompson
Support Liaison
An image of the reviewer

This course was very well put together! It was a smooth learning transition from the simple Airtable components to the more complex components such as automations and interfaces. The videos we watched were concise with good visuals relating to the Airtable topic. I really like that there we plenty of use cases, both general and specific to our company's workflows. Taking this course will definitely help with taking my workflows to the next level!

Sean Kurtenbach
Commercial Lines Analyst
Christensen Group Insurance
An image of the reviewer

If you're new to Airtable, Aron's course uses bite-sized tutorials that will take you from Airtable Baby to Behemoth. If you're already comfortable inside the tool, it's a great way to freshen up on core concepts and delve into more advanced workflow concepts that you may not have had reason to explore.

Kyle Simmons
Director of Digital Solutions
Christensen Group Insurance
An image of the reviewer

If you're looking to cover all your bases (no pun intended) from the basics of Airtable to more advanced functions like automations and sync, this is the course for you! The course follows a logical path where each lesson builds on each other and Aron explains the concepts clearly.

Spencer Rose
Financial Planner
Christensen Group Insurance
An image of the reviewer

The courses were bite-sized to make it easy to understand how to build and apply the knowledge to our work.

An image of the reviewer

I would like to acknowledge my biased since I personally did not have to pay for the course and there was so much support from my company towards the course. Airtable is not something I could see myself trying on my own, but after the course I can see how great it is for workflows and sharing information on a team. I like how versatile Airtable is. I like that you can create a table to collect information and great ways to display information. I can see how using Airtable will allow me to make my workflow better 10% with every tweak of my tables.

Kelly Nichols
Client Advocate
Christensen Group Insurance
An image of the reviewer

If I could give this 10 stars I would have! This was the best way to learn Airtable! It started with the basics and kept on building. Each class allowed me to add just one more thing to my own base that I was building. Being able to share our real life bases and discuss them in real time scenarios was one of the best parts, It truly allowed me to see the full potential of what I could do. I use Airtable every day now!

Moriah Trebelhorn
Client Advocate

What's included

Series info

  • Videos
  • Length
    4hr 20mins
  • Difficulty
    All levels
  • Price

Course outline

Welcome to the Ultimate Guide to Airtable
(Free preview)
What's possible with Airtable
(Free preview)
What's possible with Airtable
(Free preview)
(Free preview)
Applicant tracking system
(Free preview)
Online course recording
(Free preview)
Basics of Airtable
(Free preview)
Creating your first Airtable base
(Free preview)
Tables, records and fields
(Free preview)
Airtable field options
(Free preview)
Airtable formulas basics
(Free preview)
Exercise: Create your first base, table, fields and records!
(Free preview)
Solution: Create your first base, table, fields and records! | Basics of Airtable
(Free preview)
Airtable views
(Free preview)
The Grid View & View configurations
(Free preview)
The Calendar view
(Free preview)
The Kanban view
(Free preview)
The Timeline view
(Free preview)
The Form view
(Free preview)
Exercise: Add views!
(Free preview)
Relational database basics
(Free preview)
What is a relational database?
(Free preview)
Understanding Airtable linked records
(Free preview)
Understanding Airtable linked records part 2
(Free preview)
Count fields
(Free preview)
Lookup fields
(Free preview)
Rollup fields
(Free preview)
The Primary field
(Free preview)
Exercise: Add & link a table!
(Free preview)
Building bases
(Free preview)
Project management from spreadsheets
(Free preview)
Migrating a spreadsheet inventory approval workflow
(Free preview)
Airtable Automations
(Free preview)
What is an automation?
(Free preview)
Sending a notification
(Free preview)
Creating records
(Free preview)
Sending data to other applications
(Free preview)
Exercise: Add 3 automations!
(Free preview)
(Free preview)
Sharing a base & collaborator types
(Free preview)
Sharing a view
(Free preview)
View permissions & organization
(Free preview)
Collaboration best practices
(Free preview)
Exercice: invite a collaborator!
(Free preview)
Airtable Sync
(Free preview)
What is Airtable Sync?
(Free preview)
Syncing from an Airtable base
(Free preview)
Syncing from external sources
(Free preview)
Creating workflows with Airtable sync
(Free preview)
Exercise: Sync a source!
(Free preview)
Enterprise update: Instant sync, Two way sync & Data Library
(Free preview)
Airtable Extensions
(Free preview)
What is an Airtable extension?
(Free preview)
Reporting extensions
(Free preview)
Useful extensions: Page designer
(Free preview)
Useful extensions: Web clipper
(Free preview)
Exercice: Add a dashboard
(Free preview)
Airtable Interfaces
(Free preview)
Intro to interfaces
(Free preview)
Basics of interfaces
(Free preview)
Reviewing records with an interface
(Free preview)
Filtering in interfaces
(Free preview)
Sharing in interfaces
(Free preview)
Creating records & adding buttons
(Free preview)
Interfaces as views
(Free preview)

$1,000+ in discounts, included

Airtable is powerful but it can’t do it all. The course includes discounts to the most popular tools used with Airtable so you can build the most powerful workflow.

Build custom apps on top of Airtable that can be used by internal and external users.
First 2 months free (value of $120 - $640 / year)
Powerful two way sync between Airtable, Webflow, Memberstack, Notion and more!
20% off for the first year (value of $120 - $350 / year)
Page designer but better: generate custom professional documents from your Airtable data in seconds.
25% off annual plan (value of $75 - $360 / year)
Placid app
Generate images, videos and PDFs from your Airtable data at a click of a button.
20% off any plan (value of $40 - $400 / year)
A more advanced form builder than Airtable that integrates seamlessly.
30% off for the first year (value of $70 - $320 / year)
Seamless two-way real time syncing between Airtable & Webflow.
30% off any plan (value of $50 - $500 / year)
Quickly and easily automate your favorite apps and devices.
15% off your first year

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The reason I can offer such a generous refund policy is that I've seen first hand the type of impact Airtable can have on a business. And having taught Airtable to thousands, I can confidently say the Ultimate Guide to Airtable is the most efficient of learning Airtable to reach that transformational change.If you're worried that Airtable may not be the right fit for you and your team (it probably is!) or you're unsure whether I'm the right person to teach you, I hope this money back guarantee removes any risk. Try it, if it's not for you, I'll refund you.


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