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Signing up to Airtable

Welcome back. We're so close to exploring our table for real in this lesson. I'll show you how to sign up on your table and show you a few resources that will help you get started.

Let's start by creating account on our table to a click sign up and then they just ask you basic information. First name last name email and password. You can also sign up using Google mail. As you can imagine, I already have an account so I'm going to go ahead and sign it once you register you'll have access to the free version of Airtable. Don't worry most of this course will be about free features only. I'll focus on the premium features in a lesson at the end of the course.

All right let's give our dashboard a quick run around. So the first thing you need to know is that airtable calls what you create in Airtable a base. So think of it as the same thing as a spreadsheet for google sheets or an Excel file in Excel. So we'll be creating bases throughout this course. Those bases are grouped into workspaces. So this is one that was created for me by Airtable. I have the one that I'm going to use throughout this course called Airtable course. CThat's my workspace and that's where I create my bases.

And here on the left Airtable provides learning and resources video tutorials Help Center. Nothing as good as where you're going to get in this course but definitely a good place to check out if you're struggling with something. Airtable provides a lot of resources.

The second resource I want to quickly talk about are templates. So Airtable generates automatically a bunch of templates that you can play around with. So if you click here and an exercise I recommend you do is just look at what you're trying to do in Airtable here and see if you can start with a template. So I work in customer success so I can instantly see a template and copy it copy the base into my dashboard and actually ask me which workspace I want to copy any so those templates are provided by air table.

A second resource that's very valuable is the air table universe. So these are actually crowdsourced templates that you can use. So these are people who are Aortable users like myself or like you will be shortly after this course who provide how they're using every table and air table curated them into the best examples on this website. So here I can search for marketing and then you'll see a bunch of different use cases and how either different companies or different air table users use air table for marketing purposes. So you can explore it and then you can also copy it into whatever workspace you want. So another great resource is provided by our table but very important to know nothing as good as what you're going to get in this course.

Let me go back to my dashboard.

All right now that we've explored our dashboard registered and kind of gotten the lay of the land in the next course we're actually going to go ahead and create our first base and explore all the different columns that we can create.

See you there

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