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In this lesson we're learning the sort functionality which as you can imagine by its name is used to sort our table according to different fields. I'm starting this lesson with the same filter I had at the end of the last lesson which is I don't pay exorbitant salaries so we're removing anyone who has an expected salary over one hundred fifty thousand and we've grouped our table according to each record's status.

So now we're going to sort our salaries from lowest to highest. Quick note here that you can use the filter and group by field directly by clicking on the field type and it will automatically assume that you want to filter or group by the column you selected. So let's sort lowest to highest. And it says "I want to see my records sorted by expected salary from" - and this one to means lowest to highest. So when I apply that it sorts expect that salaries within each one of my group's lowest to highest. If I remove the group I have my status.

You'll notice that my records remain sorted by expected salary and the same will happen if I remove my filter. So the stored functionality really orders all of the records within your table regardless of what filter or group but that you have on.

So that was the simple functionality I wanted to show you for sorting your table by different fields. I do encourage you to play around with the filter group and sort functionality by copying this base into your Airtable or starting from any template that our table provides and have fun with it and learn as functionality because it is crucial to managing your data in Airtable.

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