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Getting Started with Zapier for Customer Onboarding

Originally a web developer who later discovered operations, Tech Ladies' General Manager Caro Griffin (@carolinesyrup) shows us how to build a workflow that takes data from Typeform and then saves it to an Airtable base by using Zapier. We also briefly discuss how to use Zapier paths so that a contract could be auto-generated and sent to a new client based on conditions.

Who this video is for and what you’ll learn

Near the start of the stream, Griffin shared how nocode tools make it possible to do more with less and make it possible to reduce human error. If you have concerns about how well nocode tools scale, Griffin shares that Tech Ladies’ is a 7-figure business that runs on tens of thousands of zaps. Indeed, “Zapier makes you happier.”

This video is for anyone looking to start using Zapier, no coding or technical knowledge required.

How to follow along

You will need accounts with the following services:

The above services offer free plans, except for Dropbox Paper.

Key Zapier Concepts

Think of zaps as tasks. It can be helpful to think “If this, then that.” The “this” is a trigger that causes one or more actions to take place as part of a workflow.

Let’s get into it

Step 1: Review Our Form (11:37)

We start by looking first at a simple Typeform used for customer onboarding. For the purposes of the stream, the form only asks a handle of questions.

Step 2: Create a Zap Trigger: Connect Zapier and Typeform (13:11)

After submitting our form, we then went to Zapier and connected our Typeform account to Zapier.

Step 3: Create a Zap Action: Adding Airtable to Our Zap (18:33)

With our trigger in place, it was time to configure our zap to take the data received in Typeform and share it to Airtable.

Step 4: Add a Path to the Workflow: Sending a Contract (28:50)

Since the types of of contracts vary based on plans, Griffin showed how Paths can be used to evaluate data in the flow and then take action.

Screenshot setting up a path in Zapier
Configuring a Path in Zapier

If you are new to Zapier, let me know. I would love to hear how you are learning the tool.

Key takeaways

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