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Jun 22, 2022 by

How Jason Staats Sends Handwritten Cards

That calendar reminder you just got? Tiffany's Birthday? It's an annual reminder that you should've bought her a gift two weeks ago, but now it's too late.

We all have that person in our life who's a great gifter. They slide in with a thoughtful gift when you least expect it. Can automation make us better gifters?

Step 1: Create A Base Of Reminders

The first step was to create a table in Airtable where each record is an anniversary I need to remember. It could be a birthday, an employee anniversary, a client anniversary. In this case we’re building a workflow to send our favorite customers a handwritten card on the anniversary of them joining the firm.

Step 2: Trigger A Reminder

On each anniversary, an automation calls a script to trigger a webhook in Make. The Make scenario posts a message to Slack with an approve or deny button. Each button opens an Airtable form where you select which card type to send, and provide a message to include with the gift.

Step 3: Handle The Responses

When the gift approval form is completed, an automation is triggered to create a record in a table of Sent Cards, and call a Make scenario to send a card via Handwrytten.

Want to duplicate this workflow? Get started with a copy of the Airtable base here!

How would you build on this further? Personal gifting? Connecting it to an ecommerce purchase API like Zinc?

Check out this automation and a host of others on my weekly podcast, AutomationTown!

By Jason Staats

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