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What is AATT?

Aron here! I started AATT because I believe it’s never been easier to automate your work so you can focus on the stuff that matters, let me show you how.

Every Thursday, I invite no-code community leaders for an hour of hands on learning (and fun).

The Ultimate Guide to Airtable is the most popular and comprehensive course on Airtable. Go from beginner to expert in one day.

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Every Wednesday 1PM EST, I welcome no-code builders on YouTube for an hour of fun and learning.

A POS with Stripe and Airtable?

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A POS with Stripe and Airtable?

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua.

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A POS with Stripe and Airtable?

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua.

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How to Run a Conference Using Airtable

Running conferences requires staying on top of guests, venues, suppliers and so much more. This week Colleen is going to show us how to manage all things conferences using Airtable, Zapier, and Placid.

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Picking the Right No-code Tools

Every day there are new tools and integrations making answering the question what integrates with what impossible to answer. Luckily Lola is here to show us how we can use her API resource to identify the right integrations for our no-code builds.

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Powerful No-code Apps Using Airtable + Glide

Glide's CEO David Siegel shows how to build a mobile app for submitting receipts and a desktop app to review and approve expenses.

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Managing Your Clients with Airtable

Learn how to manage clients, collect and track payments, and create a CRM using Stripe payment links and Airtable. This is part two of a series with guest Joe Krug, Finsweet Founder.

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The Ultimate Guide to Airtable

Are you spending your time switching between tools? Asking teammates where things stand? In this comprehensive course on Airtable, you'll learn how to organize and automate any workflow in Airtable.

What they're saying

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Loved this course. Engaging, thorough, not too long yet comprehensive. Exactly what you need to get going with one of the useful tools out there.

Dimitry Zolotaryov
Software Developer @ Airbnb
An image of the reviewer

Airtable is such a powerful and flexible tool, the possibilities can feel overwhelming. Aron does a great job revealing its power step by step.

Jannah Berley
Marketing Manager @ Wix
An image of the reviewer

This course covers a lot of great and useful techniques and features of Airtable. Even though I was fairly familiar with Airtable, I took a lot of from this course. Unless you're already an expert, I highly recommend the course.

Terry Storey
An image of the reviewer

This course was perfect for getting me up to speed on the basics of Airtable, and over the initial intimidation I felt at learning a new tool. The videos were quick and to-the-point, easy to understand, without missing important details. I've already built something that will save me lots of time and effort at my job!

Nicole U.
Content Operations
An image of the reviewer

A really good course which covers most of the available aspects within the Airtable. The explanation is detailed and comprehensive. And the video and presentation are also engaging.

Myo Min Thein
Monitoring and Evaluation Officer
An image of the reviewer

Nice and concise explanations, in just the right amount of detail for my busy life.

Jeffrey Raugh
Product Manager
An image of the reviewer

Aron explains the basic concepts of Airtable very clearly, showing how to build real-world examples that are easy to grasp. Features are explained with enough information to explain how and when to use them without overwhelming the viewer with too much detail. Each lesson builds upon the previous one and the exercises help to reinforce the learning. Even after a couple of years of using Airtable at a beginner/intermediate level there were features I didn't entirely understand; with this course, I now feel much more confident to tackle more complex bases.

Penny Olorenshaw
Chief Builder
An image of the reviewer

I loved the course. I love the pacing and how the chapters are chunked. There were a few chapters I think can be extended - maybe part 1, and part 2 like some views, using formulas, for examples. This course is great for those new to Airtable and by the time you are done you will have advanced knowledge. Aron has a way to taking you through the lesson methodically and logically so the it all makes sense and one lesson builds on the next. You may think all courses do that but I've taken enough courses to say Aron is different. I've never once had to stop the video and go back because I missed something or feel like something was skipped. Too often, those that are experts unwittingly skip steps that a novice will catch. This never happens with Aron. This is an excellent course that will get you up to speed in not only using Airtable but understand how to harness the power of this tool in a way that you cannot do with Excel or Google Sheets.

Sabine Morrow
Product Manager and entrepreneur
An image of the reviewer

This course is fantastic. It is truly the most comprehensive Airtable course available! Aron's ability to explain complex topics is outstanding. This course is excellent for beginner Airtable users and even experienced Airtable users like me. Learn how to use Airtable the right way! I highly recommend it.

Mike Cardona
Automation Alchemist
An image of the reviewer

I was having trouble coming up with useful use cases and trying to piece things together on my own while streamlining my workspace flows when each process attempt was a month apart. Aron's course was an immense help in figuring out scalable patterns and connecting data. No more frustration!

Adrien Lexington
Creative Director
An image of the reviewer

This truly is the ULTIMATE guide to Airtable! I'm a huge fan of Aron's teaching style and really enjoyed going through each lesson. If you're looking for a way to level up your workflow building skills, this is it!

Parker Thompson
Support Liaison
An image of the reviewer

This course was very well put together! It was a smooth learning transition from the simple Airtable components to the more complex components such as automations and interfaces. The videos we watched were concise with good visuals relating to the Airtable topic. I really like that there we plenty of use cases, both general and specific to our company's workflows. Taking this course will definitely help with taking my workflows to the next level!

Sean Kurtenbach
Commercial Lines Analyst
An image of the reviewer

If you're new to Airtable, Aron's course uses bite-sized tutorials that will take you from Airtable Baby to Behemoth. If you're already comfortable inside the tool, it's a great way to freshen up on core concepts and delve into more advanced workflow concepts that you may not have had reason to explore.

Kyle Simmons
Director of Digital Solutions
An image of the reviewer

If you're looking to cover all your bases (no pun intended) from the basics of Airtable to more advanced functions like automations and sync, this is the course for you! The course follows a logical path where each lesson builds on each other and Aron explains the concepts clearly.

Spencer Rose
Financial Planner
An image of the reviewer

The courses were bite-sized to make it easy to understand how to build and apply the knowledge to our work.

An image of the reviewer

I would like to acknowledge my biased since I personally did not have to pay for the course and there was so much support from my company towards the course. Airtable is not something I could see myself trying on my own, but after the course I can see how great it is for workflows and sharing information on a team. I like how versatile Airtable is. I like that you can create a table to collect information and great ways to display information. I can see how using Airtable will allow me to make my workflow better 10% with every tweak of my tables.

Kelly Nichols
Client Advocate
An image of the reviewer

If I could give this 10 stars I would have! This was the best way to learn Airtable! It started with the basics and kept on building. Each class allowed me to add just one more thing to my own base that I was building. Being able to share our real life bases and discuss them in real time scenarios was one of the best parts, It truly allowed me to see the full potential of what I could do. I use Airtable every day now!

Moriah Trebelhorn
Client Advocate

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