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Sep 14, 2022 by Aron Korenblit

What's Next For Me: Why I've Joined Webflow

I won't bury the lede: I'm excited to share that I've joined Webflow as a Senior Community Product Educator. It was an extremely difficult decision to leave Airtable. I wanted to share some thoughts on why I made that decision and what's next for me.

But first some context into how I became an educator at Airtable.

I didn't join Airtable as a teacher. Initially, I joined Airtable as a Customer Success Manager. Through sheer luck, my start coincided with the formation of Airtable's education team. Through the grapevine, it became known that I was one of the few with experience teaching Airtable thanks the Essential Guide to Airtable and Automate All the Things. Somehow, Airtable's leadership agreed I'd be more impactful as a founding member of the education team (thank you Katja!) than as a CSM. Not having to deal with clients? You want me to teach Airtable full time? Instant yes from me. A dream come true!

The next two years were a crash course in the complexities and joys of teaching databases to non-developers. The first year, I became comfortable teaching to an audience live hosting 5 webinars a week in addition to running Automate All the Things. There wasn't a question I hadn't already answered or a technical live glitch I hadn't suffered through. Then came the focus on recorded content instead of webinars. With the help of the team, we recorded series I'm extremely proud of like What's New in Two, Workflow Hotline and Tool Tips. We even built a studio (secret: the studio was in fact a friend's spare bedroom).

In my time at Airtable, it became crystal clear to me that teaching programming principles to non-developer is what I want to do for the foreseeable future (maybe even for my career). And it's something I'm good at. Few things make me feel more accomplished than a viewer sharing that my teaching unblocked them. That it's enabled them to build something they themselves didn't believe they could.

I'm eternally grateful to the team at Airtable for this opportunity. To have trusted me with teaching all the things users can accomplish with the tool. Thank you, thank you is all I can say.

Now my time at Airtable also showed me how unprepared I was to be the educator I wanted to be. I'd never used anything other than a webcam to record video. I could barely edit a video (as evidenced by the Essential Guide to Airtable). Although I'm proud of the content I helped create, it always fell short of what I thought I could create, of the bar I wanted to set for myself. There was so much I wanted to do but not the know how to get it done.

Now, no team sets the bar higher for educational content than Webflow. I thought if I want to keep doing this and do it right, I had to learn from the best. And the best are Webflow. It didn't hurt that I love working in Webflow as much as I love working in Airtable. It felt like the logical next step for me.

So yeah, that's why I couldn't be more excited to join Webflow in a role focused on educational content for the community: a role where I can learn from the best to enable even more folks to build for the web! Here's to hoping I can close the gap between the content I create and the the content I want to create!

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